Sharman Davis

Owner/Stylist/Show Facilitator

Sharman Davis is a regarded as a pacesetter on the beautiful island of Abaco in the Bahamas. She is a Professional Hairdresser providing services for local celebrities and the general public.

Sharman is qualified, experienced and has been in the hair industry for over 25 years.

She works confidently on all hair types.

As the CEO/Owner of Beyond Hair International, she has a real passion for all aspects of the hair industry, her attention to detail and talent enables her to bring something unique to any project, Sharman works by a strict policy to ensure absolutely no client leaves the salon unsatisfied. She is particularly well known for her unique methods of healthy hair care, hair extensions, colouring, cutting and styling etc. In addition to hair services, Sharman also provide in salon counseling for clients that may be hurting for one reason or another and always makes sure to deal with her clients confidentially and sensitively.

Most of Sharman’s clientele is through referral, she operates an appointment only booking system. When Sharman is not behind her chair at the Bahamas salon, she can be found working on, photo shoots,

videos, hair shows, or attending and hosting Seminars and refresher courses, her work can be found in numerous hair magazines with new features in the pipeline.